Darrin Smith's story is not unlike those of many athletes. Raised by a single parent, his mom Naomi moved the family out of the tough inner-city neighborhood of Liberty City to the friendly confines of North Miami, Florida. A much better environment, she reasoned, to raise a family.

A natural athlete, Darrin focused—from a very young age—on football.

And he excelled.

More To Life Than Football

But Naomi knew there was more to life than just football. So she instilled in her son—the youngest of five children—a focus on life outside the lines of the football field. Want to play this week? How are your grades? Do you have homework to do? Have you done your reading?
More To Life Than Football

Earns All-America, Two Degrees

Deciding to play for his hometown University of Miami Hurricanes, Darrin excelled on the field, leading the ‘Canes to two consecutive National Championships as well as being named All-America twice. But even with those two national championships and two All-America honors, Darrin’s proudest accomplishment while at the “U” was earning both an undergraduate AND MBA degree.

Following his playing days at Miami, Darrin was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys

where he won two Super Bowl rings. Those rings, combined with his two National Championships and two degrees have earned him the nickname, ‘Mr. Triple Double.'

And, while Darrin is humbled by his on-field accomplishments, he is most proud of his success off the field.

His love for his faith and his wife, Kimberly, is matched by Darrin's love for his twin son and daughter, Darius and Daryn. Because of that love, and because he realizes that he serves as a role model for many in his community, Darrin is always ready to share his Yes I Can "Attitude of a Champion" message with others.